Two Weeks Until Opening Day

A tough loss today against the Mets. I know that it is just spring training, but I believe that a team begins to develop habits everyday...and losing can be one of those habits that you don't want to form. The guys are playing hard, and it has been a tough balance this spring, not to get these guys too ready, too early. I see some good signs that our everyday guys are getting real close to really taking off. Our main objectives are to keep them healthy, and to have them ready for opening day. We are relatively healthy and the guys are already anxious for our first game in Arizona.

Between now and April 1st, there are many tough decisions to be made in regards to our roster. I imagine that managers who have done this for a long time would agree that one of the toughest things to do is to send players out of camp. Most know that they will have an opportunity to better themselves in the minor league system, but every once in a while, you have to be the bearer of bad news. We make sure that we put a great amount of time and effort into making sure that we make the best decisions possible for our club, and the best possible decision for the players involved.

I had the privilege of talking with some of our ownership group today about the state of the team right now. It is exciting for them to hear about some of the young kids that we have showcased through spring training and have high expectations for in the future. We are very fortunate in St Louis to have an ownership group that understands its fan base and also understands the game. We are fortunate that they provide all the things that we need to have a chance every year to win. The class that this organization demands from our players, is something that is started at the top, and includes everyone from our players to the stadium ushers.

Less than 2 weeks until opening day.

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  • Coach Mike, I just read your

    Coach Mike, I just read your Manifesto and was completely blown away. I'm starting to teach my seven year old the game and really didn't know how to approach it. After reading your letter, I've changed my approach, that I must keep it fun for him and not work him to hard. It's not just about the game of baseball but about the game of life. Thank you so much Coach, and good luck to you this season.
  • As a die hard Cards fan and a

    As a die hard Cards fan and a Westminster Christian Acadamy graduate I am thrilled to have you managing our Cards. Good Luck with the roster, but send some of the good guys to AAA, I am selfish because I have tickets to the Memphis vs Round Rock tickets in May!!
  • Keep em coming mike. As a

    Keep em coming mike. As a huge cardinals fan, I love to read about your perspective as a manager and I hope you continue this through the season. I know you must get overwhelmed with random tasks and trying to keep the boys together. But remember, you're the guiding light for those guys and not only do you have to be the captain but you're the motivator as well. Good luck this year.