Joe Mauer Shares His Advice For Kids

Joe Mauer

Minnesota Twins Catcher, Joe Mauer, shares advice for kids
Q: What advice would you give to kids and youth involved in sports?

Mauer: I’d say, number one – have fun!
This game is meant to be played while having fun. If you enjoy it, you’ll want to go further and keep working at it.
The way that I learned the best was watching guys in the big leagues. That was always my dream, to play in the big leagues. You pick up a lot of things just watching guys in front of you – how they do things.
But number one, I’d say – have fun!

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  • Watching!

    We are always watching baseball at our house! My hubby will tell my sons(twins)to look at different plays & learn from either their mistake or their awesomeness! We have an amazing pitcher & an amazing catcher already at 11 years old!:)