Father's Day

As I walked around Citi Field in New York, before the game, I noticed the quote that was hung in the entry way of the main entrance:

"A life is not important, except for the impact that it has on others."
-Jackie Robinson

What a powerful quote, from an American hero. I couldn't help but think about how this quote relates to us fathers. What an incredible opportunity that we fathers have to impact the most important treasure that we have,...our kids. Also, this is a great time to stop and thank the men that have impacted our lives.

I was reminded this week of a story that many of you may have heard before, but is very fitting for this time of year.

A man was walking along a stretch of beach and he noticed someone a few hundred yards away throwing something into the ocean. As he got closer he saw a young boy throwing starfish into the ocean that had been stranded on the beach. He walked up to him and asked him what he was doing. The boy responded that when the tide went out the starfish got stranded on the beach and would die, so he was throwing them back into the water.

The man looked on incredulously and politely informed the boy that there were too many starfish and this was only one stretch of beach with many more starfish on thousands of other beaches all around the world. Then the clincher question.

“Surely you don’t think you are really making a difference do you?”

The young boy, seemingly not taking to heart or paying attention to what the man said, simply picked up one more starfish and said, as he threw it into the ocean,

​​“Made a difference to that one!”

Maybe you and I won't rewrite any record books or influence millions, but on this Father's Day, let's look at the few that have been put in our path and make a difference for them.

A special thanks to my dad and all the dads out there who have committed to making an impact. Happy Father's Day.


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  • Personal Meaning to Me

    As a teacher in the 1990s, the starfish story was one of my favorite posters that I had hanging in my classroom. Much later, in 2010, it had new meaning for me as my husband and I went through the process of adopting our then 9-year-old daughter. It is overwhelming to consider trying to save the millions of orphans there are around the globe, but if all families could provide a home to just one, there would be no more.
  • WOW

    As a coach and a father, you hit the nail on the head!
  • A great example

    I know you do not take the credit, but thank you for choosing to be such a great example of what a good father and man should be!
  • Dad's

    Thanks Mike for the nice blog. My dad passed five years ago. I think about and miss him every day.